D10 Studios offer a comprehensive suite of professional photography services to suit a variety of business requirements. We manage conduct and assit on a range of different projects, from fashion and editorial photo shoots to full scale video production.



Our stylish, well-located studio spaces come complete with in-house equipment and an array of services to make your shoot run smoothly. We have a choice of expertly built infinity coves and can accommodate a wide variety of photography and videography needs, from lighting through set design and props. Our newest open-plan studio, in Shoreditch, is the perfect immersive space for all creatives. You can also find out more about our Production services here.



Need advice on lighting? At D10 Studios we work to ensure an exceptional photoshoot experience. Our lighting and equipment team can help you to achieve this. We have everything you need for hire from fast to continuous lighting. Just ask.

Find out more about how we can help with your Lighting needs.


Set Design

Questions about set design? As a full service workshop team our set designers, carpenters and artists, at D10 Studios can turn your visions into a reality. We can build anything you require, tailored to your needs, while guiding you through each step of the process.

Contact D10 Studios for all your Set Design.


Prop Hire

Almost every image contains props, but how do they enhance photography and moving images? Props are used to enrich the storyline, adding both colour and composition, and creating timeless imagery. Alternatively, they can be placed at unexpected angles to add some edge and visual interest.

At D10 Studios we believe the right piece of furniture enables your subject to relax, resulting in the most beautiful images. We have a wide variety of props for your projects. Let us help you select the perfect items.

Contact us to find out more about Prop Hire.


D10 Catering

Enjoy nutritious and delicious meals while on set to keep energy levels high! Local catering company Humdingers offers outstanding cuisine by talented chefs, with meals focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Start the day with breakfast rolls or healthy cereal bowls, with a selection of fresh fruits. For lunch enjoy creatively crafted sandwiches, warming soups and antioxidant-rich salads. Vegan (VG), vegetarian (V) and gluten-free (GF) options available.

Contact our Catering Department for more details.

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